Small Business Advisory

We do more than just crunch the numbers.

Our mission is to help small business owners to build, manage and grow their ventures in a way that leads to a meaningful and prosperous life for themselves and their families.

Use your business to create the freedom to live just how you want.

Integrate your business and your life, so that you are running your business on your own terms. Build a business that has sustainable growth and will allow you to secure the best possible financial future for you and your family.

Predictable and reliable growth for your small business.

Project Workshops

Covering Strategy, Cash, Capacity and Clients you get access to regular virtual Project Workshops. These are packed with specific tactics that you can implement straight away. You are building and improving your business, one project at a time.


Focused projects combined with Group Coaching and Masterminds means that you remove any and all obstacles to getting each project finished. This means that you can keep moving your business forward …. each and every month!.

Strategy Days

Forward plan for your business and invest in planning days with other growth-minded, real business owners and entrepreneurs. You’ll be inspired by the willingness of members in the group to share their experiences and help you in your business.

Annual Plan on a Page

A strategic plan provides a clear sense of direction and you get to physically write down goals – which form the target for your future. 

Put simply: If you don’t make a plan, then (without even realising it) you are planning to FAIL. But the plan doesn’t have to be some 50-100 page monster that never gets opened once it’s written.

Instead, we show you how to craft a one page plan that clearly identifies the actions and initiatives that you need to work on in order to achieve your goals. We work with you to build out baseline targets so that you have an easy way to know that you are staying on track. 

Ultimately it’s the planning that is priceless, not the plan itself. The planning allows you to think through the decision making process. It also operate as a compass when it comes time to make big decisions.

So if you’re a small business owner who wants to set up their business to achieve amazing long term results… then this program is exactly what you’re looking for.

This process is about getting information about your future direction, written down onto a single page.

This program is about self discovery as much as it is about your business. During this program we ask you a lot of questions to help you reach the true core of what you want to achieve. These answers are yours alone, you don’t have to share. We want you to be unfiltered and explicitly honest with yourself. It’s only then that you can begin to unlock your purpose for being in business and to then identify just what you need it to achieve for it to be your success.

App Advisory

The development of the app and tech stack that supports your business is the difference between a business that is a headache, to one that can scale with you as you grow. Building a decent Tech Stack can increase productivity, save you time and grow your revenue.

Work with one of our Xero accredited App Advisory consultants who can help you identify the productivity and revenue gains in your business that can come with great tech. We show you how to combine  systems, processes and your people and shape them into a highly efficient and automated business.

It’s not all about selection of the best products though, we can help you through the implementation phase. We work with you to transition your systems and processes from your existing system into one that will get you ready for your future.

Following up with a post-activation review, we ensure that everything is bedded in running smoothly for you.

Strategy Planning Days

Put aside a strategy day to work entirely on your business. We work together to assess your current business and financial situation and then frame your future with the development of a 5-year business vision covering the four pillars of business – Strategy, Cash, Capacity and Clients.

These are completed in a one on one environment, so that we can understand your objectives and the goals for your business. We start with a questionnaire that asks you to think deeply about your reasons for being in business and just want you want your business to achieve.

Do you want to build a business that is sustainable and not reliant upon just you? Is your goal to build a legacy or to fund retirement? Do you want to secure your financial future? What is that you truly want from yoru business?

When you know the answers to these questions we can build a strategy. Through strategy you can build a business that is focused and efficient.

We work with closely with you to understand your end game. Because if you don’t know where you’re going how will you know when you get there?

Cash Flow – Establishment and Monitoring

No cash means no business. Cash flow is the life blood of any business and if you get it wrong it means nothing but drama. 

We work with you to to measure, review and optimise all areas of cash inside the business.  Every business should be able to ask ‘where did the cash flow’ and know the answer. Here’s a sample of some of the cash flow services we offer:

  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Cash Flow Reporting
  • Debtors Policy and Management Reviews
  • Management Accounting Programs 
  • Cost Reviews 
  • Pricing Structures

We run programs to establish a cash flow that works for your business and to help you manage and review it on an ongoing basis.

Financial Budget – Establishment and Monitoring

Profit is the key to sustainable business. Revenue is not profit. We work closely and strategically with you to increase your profit. One of the tools that you can use is budgeting. It might not seem like it but a budget is a fantastic way to begin to direct your profit because you are thinking in advance about the drivers of your business and just how assumptions and changes will crate impact.  

Building a budget is a way for you to tell your money where it needs to go and then having the discipline to make it happen that way. 

A financial budget looks at the fixed and variable business costs for the next 12 months 

We run programs that help you set a financial budget that works for your business and to help you manage and review it on an ongoing basis.

Key Performance Indicators – Establishment and Monitoring

We work with you to identify the critical drivers of cash and profit in your business. Every business will have 4-5 key drivers that are unique to their business. Yet most owners don’t even know what they are, let alone know how to manage and drive them to profit. Don’t leave any money on the table. 

We turn these into Key Performance Indicators that can be monitored daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly so that you can make data driven decisions. 

We run programs to establish a set of KPI’s that work for your business and to help you monitor them on an ongoing basis.

Business Sale Due Diligence

One thing many business owners don’t do well is to plan for their exit. And all businesses need to have an exit plan.

Having an exit plan gives you confidence. Because when you have a longer term strategy you can build a business that is focused, strategic and operated with intent.

If you are thinking about selling your business in the next few years, you can significantly change the outcomes in your favour with advance planning. This means that we hep you realise the true value of your business when you are ready to sell.

We help people who are looking to sell their business set it up for a successful sale. With an established business, the person looking at buying the business will want to examine it in detail to makes sure that they are buying what they think they are. This process is known as due diligence.

We work with you and a number of business brokers who can support you in selling your business.

Business Succession Planning

What are the longer term plans for your business? Every business owner needs to have an exit plan. It might be that you will build towards an internal succession path or it may be that you have a plan to sell it as some point to fund other investments or retirement.

No matter what your preference you can significantly change the outcomes in your favour with advance planning. This means that we hep you realise the true value of your business when you are ready to sell.

Succeed Program

Group Coaching through sixty:forty

Starting from $495 per month

Monthly Virtual Workshop with actionable content so you get one project completed every month.

Monthly ‘Review Week’ in the Facebook Group

Be surrounded by like minded entrepreneurs and small business owners

Xero Health Check

Personalised Consultation

(only 10 places available)

Starting from $1650 per month

Monthly Project with actionable content so that you get one project completed every month.

Establish 12 Month Profit Plan with Quarterly Themes

Development of initial Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) with regular monitoring

Xero Health Check

12 Month Profit Improvement Program

Designed for business owners who truly understand the importance of staying ahead of the competition. With meaningful monthly guidance supported by comprehensive real-time performance reports, we can work with you to take your business to the next level.