Here at Bee Group Accountants we love working with Bookkeepers (and other Accountants, for that matter).

We offer a service called ‘Just the Tax’ because we know that people should work on what they do best. As a bookkeeper, we’re sure that you just want to work with an Accounting firm who supports you, who gets your client’s work prepared in a timely manner and is one who won’t poach your clients. 

Bookkeeping is a skill that requires a special person who has a keen eye for detail to ensure transactions are processed correctly and is also someone who can get things done to strict lodgement programs. We love working with bookkeepers as it means that we both get to do what we do best. 

Each month we hold a ‘catchup chat’ event whether it be online or in-person that covers a crowd sourced topic of interest. You can connect with other people who work in the industry, share stories all while having a chat about current topics and trends.  

We also run a sister company, sixty:forty.

Through this business we can offer some really cool stuff.  We know accounting and bookkeeping. We love technology and small business. So we thought, why not bring all of these things together.

One of the first things we have built is a compliance tool that will help make your life easier. As you know the ATO is using technology in it’s compliance driven approach. And it seems to think every one has the same deep (taxpayer funded) pockets that they do and keep rolling out new reporting requirements that place an ever larger burden on us to help our clients meet their compliance obligations.

So we thought, let’s leverage technology – along with our amazing development team – and start making all of these apps start working together.

Our first tool is the ABN Checker. It is a little compliance tool which will help you check the ABN records of every supplier before you pay them. Simply connect your software via the API key to the sixty:forty platform and in a few seconds you will have checked all of the ABN’s of your supplier contacts.

And this is just the start. We have lots of little tools on their way.


Through sixty:forty we have both free and paid plans which can also help support you grow your business as well. 

Looking for new clients? 

Join the business directory and showcase your business. We tell our clients that their bookkeeper is their business best friend. We help connect small business owners with a bookkeeper using our marketplace. There’s no charge for a listing, but the really good promotion options are only available for paying members. If you hold one of our micro-certifications, these are displayed against your profile as well. 

Want done-for-you lead magnets?

Through here we have a range of resources that you can either use yourself as a lead magnet or you can refer to your clients. 

One of these is our Ultimate Bookkeeping Task List, which you can use to help you scope out a job – either when you take it on or when you do an annual review. For our sixty:forty members, we can even offer you your own co-branded version. 

Looking for a Hand?

We also have a number of trained data entry assistants that you can work with if you like for overload periods or just so that you can start working your business like a business – and not a job. We have a rigorous in-house training program that covers skills that you would expect from a data entry assistant, and they are based both in Australia and in the Philippines, so budget is no issue. 

Extra Recognition for you

Because we know the value of a bookkeeper to a small business owner, we also have micro-credentials issued through sixty:forty that cover Bookkeeping Health Checks, Financial Housekeeping and Chart of Accounts Reviews. And we supply the project scopes, tools and resources to simplify the deliverables for you as well. So you can add another service to your business without any headaches. Our micro-certifications are also a searchable field for the business directory for clients looking for people with specific skill sets. These certifications act as a verification of competency.