Changes to how we do business – Engagement Letters

Sheree Cusack

We have made some exciting changes to the way that we will be working together in the future.

Now we will be sending you an engagement letter for each of the different types of work that we will be doing for you. This will clearly list out all of the services that we provide and what will be the fees for the work.

This will all be done electronically, so no more paper based letters and even better … no more time based billing or surprise invoicing. you’ll know exactly where you stand which will help make cash flow budgeting even easier.

Why did we make this change?

We wanted to give you complete transparency over our services and our fees. We believe that cash flow is super important. By making it easier to pay your accounting fees by the month, without any extra costs, we think that this is one small step in the right direction.

How often will you receive an engagement letter?

You will receive a new engagement letter at least annually that will reconfirm our services and our fees. You will also receive a new engagement letter if you want to make any changes to our services or you want us to work on something new for you.

Just to let you know in advance, you will receive an engagement letter for each separate entity for the work that we will do.

Will anything change with how invoices are paid?

Yes but in a great way. When you get the engagement letter, simply confirm your service package and enter your payment details in the secure payment gateway, which is powered by Stripe. his means that you won’t need to worry about manually paying us. Instead payments will be automatically deducted.

Where you are invoiced at the end of the work, then you’ll receive the invoice and we will process payment for services in line with our terms. This gives you an opportunity to raise any questions before the payment goes ahead.

Will I get an annual bill?

Generally no, we are trying to help clients with their cash flow so are offering a fixed fee, monthly payment service instead. If you prefer to pay one off, please just discuss it with us.

We hope that you love this new approach as much as we do. If you’ve got any questions then just Get in Touch.